masha orlovich

Masha Orlovich was born in St.Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia in 1960. She graduated the Serov College of Fine Art in Leningrad in 1981.

The painter works in different techniques: oil, watercolor, etching and mixed technique which includes elements of encaustic (hot wax paint). She works in genre painting of urban landscape, still life, nudes and inter-genres compositions.

In 1990 Masha moved to Israel and settled down in Safed. She is a member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association from 2000.

The Museum of Sculpture of St.Petersburg and other museums in Israel, Europe and USA and private collectors such as Maxim Vengerov and Daniel Barenboim have collected some of the artist paintings. Masha’s works might be also found in many art catalogs.